Mingshan Eco-friendly Tea Farm

Situated on the high mountains 2694 feet above the sea level, Mingshan Ecological Tea Demonstration Base is one of the largest Ti Kuan Yin tea plantations in Anxi County, Fujian, China, where Ti Kuan Yin tea is originated from and the best is made.

As a pioneer in building eco-friendly Ti Kuan Yin tea plantations, Mingshan is dedicated to creating a harmonious co-existence between tea trees and its surrounding environment. Surrounded by the verdant forest and vegetation, the 6500-acre plantation only uses 30% of its lands for tea planting. While less tea trees mean less production, our tea plantation benefits from a good ecological environment, which results in substantial reduction of plant diseases and insect pest incidences. We have consistently produced higher quality Ti Kuan Yin tea.The Ti Kuan Yin tea produced from our plantation won "Gold Prize of Bi-Annual Best Tea Competition" organized by Chinese Tea Association in year 2001, 2005, and 2007. Due to consistent premium quality and taste, our tea has been chosen by many high-end Chinese tea houses as sole supplier for their Ti Kuan Yin offerings.

The water for our tea plantation comes from natural mountain spring, 8 miles from our plantation. The spring water is then distributed to tea trees through advanced drip irrigation system imported from Israel, which keeps tea trees moist and at the same time significantly conserve water. Our practices and management of an ecological tea garden was promoted as a role model for all tea farms in Anxi county in 2005. In August 2005, CCTV (China Central Television) featured a special program on our base, in which our founder was interviewed and our eco-friendly tea production practices were introduced.

We continue to give back to our community by sharing our experiences of building an eco-friendly tea plantation. Currently our base serves as a demonstration base for several natinal and state projects, including:

  • National Agriculture Comprehensive Development and Land Improvement Project District
  • Fujian Province Agriculture Standardized Production Demonstration District
  • Fujian Province Science & Technology Commissioner Working Demonstration Base
  • Fujian Province Tea Planting Demonstration Base.