What's Ti Kuan Yin Tea (Tie Guan Yin)? Why is it so special?

Ti Kuan Yin, also called Iron Goddess of Mercy, Tie Guan Yin or Ti Kwan Yin, is universally recognized as one of China's Top 10 Famous Tea, and is considered by many the finest of Chinese Oolong. This tea produces a fragrant orchid-like aroma when steeped and has a sweet after-taste. The aroma is so amazing that people usually wonder if the tea contains flowers or other additives. The answer is a plain No. It is the natural aroma that makes this tea so special.

Ti Kuan Yin tea is a perfect kind of tea for Gong Fu serving because of its excellent and complex taste. It is fair to say that every single Chinese tea house carries Ti Kuan Yin tea on its menu.

When brewed, the tea leaves will gradually expand, releasing its taste and aroma. Usually it can be brewed for 4-6 times with Yixing tea pot or Gaiwan. Please refer How to Brew Ti Kuan Yin for details.

In recent years, the demand for Ti Kuan Yin tea has increased dramatically due to China’s booming economy. A lot of people who drink green tea or black tea before have come to appreciate this premium and sophisticated tea. A green tea drinker can appreciate its much stronger fragrance without green tea’s “grassiness”. A black tea drinker can appreciate its nuttier and sweeter taste without black tea’s “oldness”. A stronger demand has pushed the price higher too. Ti Kuan Yin tea makes to the list of "The Priciest Foods on Earth".