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Light Roast Ti Kuan Yin / Dancing Flower

  • The Story

    Fresh and fragrant Ti Kuan Yin tea has natural orchid-like aroma. This aroma can be enjoyed when the tea leaves are slowly opening up in hot water, when you savor the tea liquor, or when you feel the aftertaste. When brewing Ti Kuan Yin tea, you constantly immense yourself in this natural orchid-like aroma through your sense, taste and feel, as if orchid flowers "dance" around you.

    Why this tea?

    Dancing Flower is our best selling Ti Kuan Yin tea. It is of very good quality and priced reasonably. If you do not know which one to pick from our tea collection and just want to enjoy the freshest Ti Kuan Yin tea, this one will be your definite choice.

    Why buy from Mingshan Tea?

    There are many reasons you should buy Ti Kuan Yin tea from us. Many customers have found our tea is much more fresh than other online merchants. Because we specialize in Ti Kuan Yin tea, our tea has no shelf life compared to most online merchants. When ordered, our tea will be shipped directly to you from our tea farms.

    Eco-friendly Tea Plantation

    ti kuan yin tea plantation

    ti kuan yin tea plantation

    Mingshan Tea is a premium Oolong tea grower and distributor with two tea plantations. Our tea plantation at Xianghua Village, Anxi County, Fujian, is one of the largest Ti Kuan Yin tea plantatinos at Anxi County where Ti Kuan Yin is originated and the best is made.