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Flower Tea / Jasmine Dragon Pearl

  • This tea is commonly called Jasmine Dragon Pearl. The best combination of green tea and Jasmine flowers.

    Jasmine Pearl tea is the best kind of Jasmine tea. It can be steeped for 5-7 times when steeped properly.

    You may wonder why there is no Jasmine flower in the tea? The flowery scent of Jasmine tea is the result of green tea absorbing Jasmine scent when layered together. This process is normally repeated several times and each time fresh flower is used.

    90% of Jasmine flower is produced in Heng Xian, Guangxi Province. Our Jasmine Pearl tea use green tea from Fujian province, one of the biggest tea production region in China, and further processed in Heng Xian, Guangxi. The result is the best combination of best green tea and the freshest Jasmine flowers.

    Our Jasmine Pearl is packaged into a zipped bag, keeping tea from moisture and light. You should keep tea in room temperature.

    The freshest Jasmine Pearl tea you will ever get. This Jasmine Pearl tea is our best selling Jasmine Tea in China. We freshly make this Jasmine tea every month from our factory. When ordered, this tea will be shipped directly to you from China.

    ti kuan yin tea plantation

    ti kuan yin tea plantation

    Mingshan Tea is a premium Oolong tea grower and distributor with two tea plantations. Our tea plantation at Xianghua Village, Anxi County, Fujian, is one of the largest Ti Kuan Yin tea plantatinos at Anxi County where Ti Kuan Yin is originated and the best is made.