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Dark Roast Ti Kuan Yin / Nutty Fragrance

  • The Story

    Dark roast Ti Kuan Yin has long been favored by old time Ti Kuan Yin tea drinkers. Compared to light roasted Ti Kuan Yin, it has stronger taste and sweeter aftertaste.

    Why this tea?

    Our Nutty Fragrance Ti Kuan Yin is unique in that it goes through a traditional charcoal roasting process instead of electronic roasting process. When carefully controlled, the charcoal roasting process add a special nutty taste to this tea, even though the tea itself doesn’t contain any nut or even come in contact with any nut during tea making or roasting process.

    The tea is packaged in 7g vacuum sealed package and placed in an eco-friendly paper box.

    This tea can be brewed multiple times. It has strong nutty taste and sweet aftertaste.

    Why buy from Mingshan Tea?

    There are many reasons you should buy Ti Kuan Yin tea from us. Many customers have found our tea is much more fresh than other online merchants. Because we specialize in Ti Kuan Yin tea, our tea has no shelf life compared to most online merchants. When ordered, our tea will be shipped directly to you from our tea farms.

    Eco-friendly Tea Plantation

    ti kuan yin tea plantation
    ti kuan yin tea plantation

    Mingshan Tea is a premium Oolong tea grower and distributor with two tea plantations. Our tea plantation at Xianghua Village, Anxi County, Fujian, is one of the largest Ti Kuan Yin tea plantatinos at Anxi County where Ti Kuan Yin is originated and the best is made.