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King Tie Guan Yin

King Tie Guan Yin, also called Guan Yin Wang or Guan Yin King, usually refers to the highest quality Tie Guan Yin available for a merchant.

As the origin of Tie Guan Yin, Anxi County at Fujian Province has a long history of organizing best tea competition. In Chinese such a competition is called "Guan Yin King Competition". The competition is usually held once a year. Tea farmers from different villages bring their best teas together. A panel of judges judge tea by its looks, aroma, liquor color, taste and after-taste. The winning tea is then crowned with a title "King Tie Guan Yin".

Because "King Tie Guan Yin" is usually in very small amount and in very high demand, you will never see the real "King Tie Guan Yin" on sale on open market. As such a competition became well-known, however, some merchant seizes the opportunity and use the name of "King Tie Guan Yin" to market his/her products, usually for the highest-grade Tie Guan Yin. The name becomes so popular that people just start to use it to refer to the highest-grade Tie Guan Yin.

Today if you see a merchant names its Tie Guan Yin as "King Tie Guan Yin", it usually means its highest grade of Tie Guan Yin, unless all of its Tie Guan Yin is called "King Tie Guan Yin".